Social Media Engagement

Do you want followers or results?

Many people expend considerable effort on social media without consideration for measureable results. They feel like they need a presence on Instagram, Twitter and other social media channels because everybody else is doing it, or because they owe it to their customers and partners to communicate. Over time, social media has become a cost center for many organizations.

Loaa helps individuals an groups to obtain tangible results from social media. We go beyond creating content and buying advertising. We deliver targeted, high-quality followers and transform them into customers or partners that help you acheive your objectives.

We start the process by helping you define clear objectives. Are you satisfied with building brand awareness? Would you like to find strategic partners? Do you want more qualified candidates for job openings? Would you like to increase revenue?

Then we deploy techniques we have perfected for over a decade to help you achieve those results. We identify potential parters and customers based on expressed interests for products and services similar to the ones you have to offer. We engage with them to create a connection, filtering out fake profiles or ones that are unlikely to become partners. Loaa engages directly with people to deliver thoughtfully crafted calls to action.

Loaa transforms social media from something that drains resources into something that generates results.



  • Create content that delivers value to your target audience.
  • Schedule posts at optimal times.
  • Make adjustements to increase reach.


  • Identify profiles who have expressed interest for the programs you offer.
  • Attract quality followers and filter out undesirable ones.
  • Monitor and optimize to increase the quantity and quality of your followers.


  • Write thoughtful scripts to engage with potential partners.
  • Contact targeted accounts and with carefully crafted calls to action.
  • Deliver sales, qualified leads and other measureable results.

Loaa provides these services to amplify your current initiatives, and those of your team. For example, if you currently create and post content, we can provide engagement services to increase your impact.

Activity and results are updated in real time and available to you in a dashboard. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Marc Bolh

Marc Bolh

Founder @ Loaa
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