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Vermont Woods

Vermont Woods Studios showcases the world’s largest selection of beautiful, eco-friendly Vermont made furniture online and at its Stonehurst showroom. All of their wood furniture is carefully crafted by local woodworkers and shipped direct from their workshops to your home.

Loaa developed and implements a strategy to transform Vermont Woods Studio's social media into effective sales channels.

Doctor V

Doctor V makes a line of natural energy drinks developed by specialists, doctors and naturopaths. They combine a unique blend of wild Siberian herbs & berries used for centuries in Russia, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. All of their formulations contain Siberian pine needles, green tea extract and wild handpicked berries.

Loaa created and implements a social media campaign to grow sales in cities where Doctor V has distribution. In addition, Loaa recruits micro-influencers to grow awareness for the brand.

Renoun Ski

Renoun is revolutionizing the ski industry with VibeStop™, a non-newtonian polymer which adapts instantly to snow conditions and ski style. When exposed to vibrations the polymer hardens, actively damping the ski. VibeStop™ expands the versatility of any ski.

Loaa designed and implemented an inbound marketing campaign targeting skiers who want the best gear on the market, to pursue their passion.

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