Social Media

Do you want followers or customers?

Many organizations spend money on social media without being able to measure the benefits. They feel like they need a presence on Instagram and Twitter to promote their brand. They hire agencies and consultants to create content and they spend money on advertising without knowing the ROI.

A good strategy starts with defining objectives. Are you satisfied building brand awerness? Would you like to find strategic partners? Do you want to generate sales from your investment?

If you want measurable ROI, Loaa can help.

Loaa uses proven tools and techniques to grow your followers in a cost effective way. We target potential customers based on expressed intent for the products and services you have to offer. We filter out fake profiles and users that are unlikely to become prospects.

We engage users directly with concise calls to action. If a follower expresses interest, we move them down the sales cycle to deliver leads.



  • Create artwork and copy to post to your channels.
  • Schedule posts at optimal times.


  • Target customers who are likely to be interested in your company.
  • Attract quality followers and filter out undesirable ones.
  • Monitor and optimize results.


  • Develop scripts to dialogue with your followers.
  • Contact users who have expressed interest and deliver a call to action.
  • Deliver qualified leads for customers and influences you can partner with.

These services can be delivered separately. For example, if you have marketing people that can create and schedule content, we can provide Outreach and / or Action services.

Activity and results is updated in real time and available to you in a dashboard.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Send me an email to tell me about business and we’ll schedule a call to see if Loaa is right for you.

Marc Bolh

Marc Bolh
Founder & CEO

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